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Right now, Marmonaa has helpfully volunteered to take over adding members.

I will retain an admin role in the event something weird happens, but I won't be active, so message me to get hold of me.

Have fun, give good crit, collaborate, shoot the breeze -- do fun stuff!
I'm leaving OA so I can't coordinate adding members anymore. Would someone be willing to take over?

Edit: Marmonaa has volunteered. Could I get another volunteer to take some of the load off?
So, I know a few people are working on comics and stuff, thought it might be fun to see where people are and what their strategies are.

I'm interested to know what people are working on! :)
what the title says! YAY to the group founder! YAAAY!!!!
So, Feng Zhu of FZD School of Design has established a beta art sharing site called DrawCrowd.

I like it so far. Anyone else checked it out?

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